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  1. Ever wanted to crochet without a hook? Finger crochet is an easy technique to learn, especially if you wanted to teach children! I personally prefer this method than crocheting with a hook, as you can use super bulky yarn, which helps you soon build up the pattern to your project. The size of your finger determines the size of your stitiches, similar to how a crochet hook does. If you can crochet with a hook, then this will be just as easy to learn! I love it, it is both fun and addictive! I have attached a photo of a chunky blanket I made using this technique. The main body of it is cream then I edged it with blue/grey wool to finish it off.

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  2. Quilling is an easy, creative technique to learn. You start off by creating different shapes using strips of paper then turning them into works of Art like this Unicorn pictured below;


    If you would like to learn the art of Quilling then feel free to get in touch and we can either arrange a group workshop or one to one tuition.