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  1. I have been volunteering for the NHS (Cheshire and Wirral Partnership) for two years now and I love it, it is so rewarding helping and supporting others through there mental health difficulties and seeing them grow stronger and move forward with their lives. So, during lockdown I maybe quiet with my businesses but I have been putting my time to good use and I have been creating Art & Craft demos for the Recovery Colleges YouTube channel. 

    The channel hosts a number of different subjects from Mindfulness, poems, stories to distraction activities like crafting! Together we will support each other during this pandemic.

  2. Wow! Last weekend I attended Eileen Hull's Creative Lettering workshop in Dumfries and well.... I am now addicted! It was such a lovely day, we used her new notebook die to cut out the foundations to our lettering book, which we then decorated and learnt different lettering techniques, which was awesome. 

    Since last weekend's workshop I have been practicing my lettering and created numerous pieces of work, which include framed positivity quotes and pocket inspiration cards. I have attached some examples below.

    If you would like to learn this technique, then feel free to get in touch. I will be holding a Creative Lettering workshop on Saturday 8th February 2020. £15 per person.